XT Illos was created by me, Richard Thaxton, to identify my illustration work and share it with the world. I love to create fantasy art that helps tell great stories. I work in most traditional media and digital formats.

To explain what XT Illos means, I have to share some background information. First of all, Illos is just an abbreviated form of Illustrations, simple enough.  My family name, Thaxton, was not always spelled this way. My father’s original last name was Thackston. He changed the spelling when he went into the Air Force because his original records burned in a courthouse fire. He decided to simplify the name when he had to recreate his records. That makes my brothers and I the first generation of Thaxtons in our family.  I took the “X”, a known symbol for a signature, with the “T” and played with the typography. It turns out that by putting them together in lower case cursive that I was able to create a double insignia. The cursive “xt” rotated 180° makes my initials “Rt”.

I made a silver signet ring back in the late 80’s and sometimes still use it to mark my 3D creations.

Below is where you can find me through social media and email:

Email – richard.thaxton@xtillos.com

Facebook – facebook.com/xt.illos

Twitter – twitter.com/XTIllos

Flickr – Richard Thaxton

Pinterest – Richard Thaxton

Instagram – XT Illos

Tumblr – Richard Thaxton @XTIllos

Deviant Art – XT-Illos

Please email me with queries about purchases of prints, original art work or to commission work.


Thank you for your interest and support!

Richard Thaxton, XT Illos

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