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Grotesque Moi!: Tamaska-Ahas


“Tamaska-Ahas” April 2019 Digital 16″x20″ Procreate/Manga Studio 5

This is the forth digital media creature for my Grotesque Moi! project. I’ve been excited to create this one for a while, too! My latest creation is Tamaska-Ahas! He is a Lupinenaga Prince with Lunar Mage powers. A Lupinenaga is a Naga or half serpent and half humanoid. The Lupine part comes in as the traditional curse of a warewolf with a twist. When there’s a Super Blood Wolf Moon the Lupinenaga become extremely powerful! The nobility are, also, able to weild magic. This curse continues through day and night until after the next full moon where the Lupinenaga are restored to serpent humanoids again.

Tamaska-Ahas recently became the leader of his community. His father recently died in old age but not before passing on his totem, the Cresent Moon Scepter, to Tamaska-Ahas. It is now up to Tamaska-Ahas to lead his council and his people. The Lupinnaga race live in the Bol Forest range of Ba’anta. They trade minimally with neighboring villages but mostly keep to themselves.

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