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Grotesque Moi!: Sal-Broga


“Sal-Broga” May 2019 Digital 16″x20″ Procreate/Manga Studio 5

Meet Sal-Broga! Creature portrait number five for Grotesque Moi! He is an Acolyte studying to become a Magis and is a member of the Anuran race. They are an amphibian and humanoid race that lives in swamps and grottoes of Terrene. Anurans have developed the ability to speak many languages. Their primary language is made up of clicks, chirps and croaking groans. If used in a medium group of about twenty Anurans, the croaking groans can be used in a chant form that has the ability to topple buildings.

Some Anurans are born with varying levels of magic abilities. Anurans value a structured society, knowledge, conservation and nature. They honor their roots by using their tadpole symbol to adorn their primary buildings and equipment. Acolytes have various responsibilities aside from their lessons at the Uvernum of Kor, an institute for Anurans that have an aptitude magic wielding.

Sal-Broga’s responsibility is to perform patrols and security at the uvernum. He is near the end of his first year of training. The level test will be in two weeks. Sal-Broga is a little nervous and excited but he knows that he is ready.

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