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“Id” September 2019 Digital 16″x20″ Procreate/Manga Studio 5

For Illustration six this digital media creature for my Grotesque Moi! project is Id a creature of base emotions and needs. He is passion driven and values honesty, loyalty and a strong will. Id’s Tal (people) reside in Kor, a deep network of caves that reaches to the bottom of Terrene’s Mantle. the Tal are reclusive and choose not to get involved with the events of the other people of Terrene. Some of the Tal live on the fringe of Kor near the surface and have some trade interaction with the surface dwellers . The Tal have an outpost called Seir on Ignitrius Island positioned on the opposite side of the globe from Port Belgarn of Chol.

Id lives with the Tal at Seir. He trades various ore that he brings up from his travels through the caves. There are merchants in the shops in the Faul market at Seir that trades with Id for the ore. Sometimes Id visits some of the other surface communities of Terrene. His favorite place is Dalentoth Farms. The agriculture fascinates him. Id doesn’t really care for Port Belgarn of Chol because he doesn’t trust the ships that comes to port there. Id doesn’t get to see the port at Seir because it’s too far away from the Faul markets.

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