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Grotesque Moi!: Centaurius, Le Roi Chevalier

Centaurius, Le Roi Chevalier

“Centaurius, Le Roi Chevalier” December 2020 Digital 16″x20″ Manga Studio 5

For the eighth illustration for Grotesque Moi! I present Centaurius, Le Roi Chevalier! Centaurius is of Terrene from the Northeast corner of the Tuac Mountain Range near the Betkur River in Ba’anta. His people live in seclusion for the most part. There is some rare occasions where they interact with others from Ba’anta.

The name Centaurius is given when a young adult ascends to the position of leadership. It can be held by males or females. The race is also called Centaurius. It is to acknowledge the responsibility of the leader to the people. The title and responsibilities remain for the life of each ascended Centaurian.

The process of ascension begins with the Tournament of the Arena. Hopefuls must prove their strength and conviction by succeeding over all the other contenders. Warhorses serve as referees. There is a five party council of representatives from the various factions that serve as judges. While injuries can and does happen, sometimes even permanent, the referees are required to intervene where death is eminent.

The second phase of the ascension is the Test of Wit. All remaining contenders must prove their wits and horse sense in three trials. First is the Trial of the Quickstep. Each contender is put through a random obstacle course where they must respond to an ever changing set of conditions to reach the course’s end in a limited amount of time. Next is the Trial of the Knowledge Well. Contenders that passed the previous trial will now battle with their understanding of traditions. Those with the best indoctrinated applications will move on to the next trial. The third trial is the Trial of the Decider. The remaining contenders are put to the test with different trials designed to judge each one’s decision making skills. It also tests their level of compassion. All tests in this trial will pose two opposing options with adverse outcomes to both. The contenders have to make the hard decision with the best possible outcome for the community.

The last phase is the determination of the judging committee and the Ceremony of Ascension. After the judges determine the victor, the Ceremony of Ascension is performed. The Chain of Community is placed around their neck. This chain represents the bond of the community and responsibility to that community. The pendant is representative or the endurance needed to lead the community. It is of the plant that provides sustenance to the community, Blé. The council performs the transformation rite. Then the victor changes. There snow golden horns or sometimes antlers that grow from their head. Their hooves are also transformed to gold as well.

The current Centaurius also holds the title of Le Roi Chevalier or The Night King. Before his ascension he was an accomplished member of the Warhorses. He had risen through the ranks fairly quickly. He showed great skill, strength and agility. He later became a member of the Centaurius Guard. During a great battle with the Lupinenaga in the Mek Range Costaud, our victor’s previous name, defeated five of the Lupinenaga Royal Guard. Costaud also saved the Centaurius of that time. Costaud was awarded the title of Le Roi Chevalier by the Centaurius. This made him basically the captain of the royal guard.

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