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Welcome to the Grotesque Moi! Home page!

This is the place to find everything Grotesque Moi! Details on each released creation can be found here. Each creature has a unique story so please enjoy!

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Grotesque Moi!: Id of the Darkness

Id of the Darkness
Id of the Darkness

“Id of the Darkness” July 2017 Digital 16″x20″ Manga Studio 5

“When your version of Id appears know that he is there to protect you no matter how harsh the things he shows you. Listen to his truth. I’m glad that I have over these many years.”

Grotesque Moi!: Ying the Bohol Sea Queen

Ying the Bohol Sea Queen
Ying the Bohol Sea Queen

“Ying The Bohol Sea Queen” January 2019 Digital 16″x20″ Procreate/Manga Studio 5

Presenting to you the first digital media fully illustrated Creature for my Grotesque Moi! project. This one holds a very important place in my heart and has a fantastic back story.

The Bohol Sea is located in the southern Philippines. North of the island of Mindanao is the Bohol Sea. It stretches from Mindanao/Leyte to the East, Bohol/Cebu to the North, Negros/Sequijor/Zamboanga to the West and Mindanao/Camiguin to the South.

Ying is a powerful sea queen. She protects the sea life in the Bohol Sea. There have been many shipwrecks attributed to her as retaliation for destruction of the coral, sea bed and sea life in the Bohol Sea. She is a member of the High Council of Atlantis and is the responsible for the festive ceremonial decorations and Major Atlantian events.

I met Queen Ying twenty one years ago on the coral shore in the Initao-Libertad Reservation Forrest. She had been stranded for a long time. All proof of her life in the sea had faded away. Her appearance and life had become human. She had forgotten how to swim and only spent very short moments in the sea. She still hears the call of the sea and loves all sea life. As we got to know each other better, we ended up falling in love!

Grotesque Moi!: Puddle Sprite E

Puddle Sprite E
Puddle Sprite E

“Puddle Sprite E” February 2019 Digital 16″x20″ Procreate/Manga Studio 5

This is the second digital media creature for my Grotesque Moi! project. Its also a very special creation for me!

E is a member of the Puddle Sprite Folk. They are part of the Fae realm and live around small ponds and creeks. Her alignment is Ljósálfar but she is quite mischievous. As far as puddles are concerned, E cannot resist them. She loves to play around in any puddle of water. E is drawn to them and compelled to splash in the water. Her most favorite part is to jump in with both feet and splash water everywhere. If you find your things soaked with water and a puddle is nearby, E was probably the culprit.

The Ljósálfar is the Light Fae of their realm. They are the side that brings life, rejuvination and spring. The Ljósálfar stay busy from the beginning of Spring through the end of Summer. They bring flowers and all of the plants back to life after the long Winter. The fauna also benefit from their handy work. The first task is always the most important one, melting the ice and snow from winter. E’s responsibility is to ensure that the plant life gets their necessary portion of water each day.

Grotesque Moi!: Uila


“Uila” March 2019 Digital 16″x20″ Procreate/Manga Studio 5

This is the third digital media creature for my Grotesque Moi! project. Let me introduce to you Uila! She is a creature of the night, a Grotesque, that can create and conduct electricity in the form of lightning bolts. She prefers tall structures to the lower ground levels because she says it’s more peaceful. Uila is a bit of a loner and prefers to nest in theses lofty areas during the day time in her stone form. She lived high in the Tuac Mountain Range of Ba’anta with her Grotesque kin. Uila loves taking flight into the night sky just as the air begins to cool with her hatchling clutch.

All of the Grotesques have natural magical abilities. Each manifests differently. Among them are Lightening (like Uila), flames in various forms, mists including vapors, telekinesis, telepathy and others. Their ability awakens in early adulthood for most Grotesques. Adulthood comes when the young Grotesques reach 200 years old. This gives them a chance to develop mentally and physically before tackling the extra responsibility of their keji. The Grotesque’s word for magical abilities is keji which means spirit (ke) and force (ji).

Grotesque Moi!: Tamaska-Ahas


“Tamaska-Ahas” April 2019 Digital 16″x20″ Procreate/Manga Studio 5

This is the forth digital media creature for my Grotesque Moi!! project. I’ve been excited to create this one for a while, too! My latest creation is Tamaska-Ahas! He is a Lupinenaga Prince with Lunar Mage powers. A Lupinenaga is a Naga or half serpent and half humanoid. The Lupine part comes in as the traditional curse of a warewolf with a twist. When there’s a Super Blood Wolf Moon the Lupinenaga become extremely powerful! The nobility are, also, able to weild magic. This curse continues through day and night until after the next full moon where the Lupinenaga are restored to serpent humanoids again.

Tamaska-Ahas recently became the leader of his community. His father recently died in old age but not before passing on his totem, the Cresent Moon Scepter, to Tamaska-Ahas. It is now up to Tamaska-Ahas to lead his council and his people. The Lupinnaga race live in the Bol Forest range of Ba’anta. They trade minimally with neighboring villages but mostly keep to themselves.

Grotesque Moi!: Sal-Broga


“Sal-Broga” May 2019 Digital 16″x20″ Procreate/Manga Studio 5

Meet Sal-Broga! Creature portrait number five for Grotesque Moi! He is an Acolyte studying to become a Magis and is a member of the Anuran race. They are an amphibian and humanoid race that lives in swamps and grottoes of Terrene. Anurans have developed the ability to speak many languages. Their primary language is made up of clicks, chirps and croaking groans. If used in a medium group of about twenty Anurans, the croaking groans can be used in a chant form that has the ability to topple buildings.

Some Anurans are born with varying levels of magic abilities. Anurans value a structured society, knowledge, conservation and nature. They honor their roots by using their tadpole symbol to adorn their primary buildings and equipment. Acolytes have various responsibilities aside from their lessons at the Uvernum of Kor, an institute for Anurans that have an aptitude magic wielding.

Sal-Broga’s responsibility is to perform patrols and security at the uvernum. He is near the end of his first year of training. The level test will be in two weeks. Sal-Broga is a little nervous and excited but he knows that he is ready.

Grotesque Moi!: Id


“Id” September 2019 Digital 16″x20″ Procreate/Manga Studio 5

For Illustration six this digital media creature for my Grotesque Moi! project is Id a creature of base emotions and needs. He is passion driven and values honesty, loyalty and a strong will. Id’s Tal (people) reside in Kor, a deep network of caves that reaches to the bottom of Terrene’s Mantle. the Tal are reclusive and choose not to get involved with the events of the other people of Terrene. Some of the Tal live on the fringe of Kor near the surface and have some trade interaction with the surface dwellers . The Tal have an outpost called Seir on Ignitrius Island positioned on the opposite side of the globe from Port Belgarn of Chol.

Id lives with the Tal at Seir. He trades various ore that he brings up from his travels through the caves. There are merchants in the shops in the Faul market at Seir that trades with Id for the ore. Sometimes Id visits some of the other surface communities of Terrene. His favorite place is Dalentoth Farms. The agriculture fascinates him. Id doesn’t really care for Port Belgarn of Chol because he doesn’t trust the ships that comes to port there. Id doesn’t get to see the port at Seir because it’s too far away from the Faul markets.

Grotesque Moi!: Akrep


“Akrep” March 2020 Digital 16″x20″ Procreate/Manga Studio 5

Illustration seven is a digital media creature portrait for my Grotesque Moi! project of Akrep. Her home is on Terrene among the ruins of Salu Island. It’s the largest in the Sul’r Islands chain. The ruins were once the great city of XonZe, a commerce and trade community. When business moved to Port Belgarn of Chol most of the residents moved with it.

There was a series of quakes that opened an underground gas pocket. Akrep’s arachnid race are the only ones that can survive in the environment. Very little is known about them because no explorers have ever returned from Salu Island. Only passing ships that catch glimpses of them collect the only known details. Which are few.

Grotesque Moi!: Centaurius, Le Roi Chevalier

Le Roi Chevalier 16”x20” Canvas Print
Grotesque Moi! Collections’ Centaurius, Le Roi Chevalier 16”x20” Canvas Print

“Centaurius, Le Roi Chevalier” December 2020 Digital 16″x20″ Manga Studio 5

For the eighth illustration for Grotesque Moi! I present Centaurius, Le Roi Chevalier! Centaurius is of Terrene from the Northeast corner of the Tuac Mountain Range near the Betkur River in Ba’anta. His people live in seclusion for the most part. There is some rare occasions where they interact with others from Ba’anta.

The name Centaurius is given when a young adult ascends to the position of leadership. It can be held by males or females. The race is also called Centaurius. It is to acknowledge the responsibility of the leader to the people. The title and responsibilities remain for the life of each ascended Centaurian.

The process of ascension begins with the Tournament of the Arena. Hopefuls must prove their strength and conviction by succeeding over all the other contenders. Warhorses serve as referees. There is a five party council of representatives from the various factions that serve as judges. While injuries can and does happen, sometimes even permanent, the referees are required to intervene where death is eminent.

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