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Grotesque Moi!: Puddle Sprite E

Puddle Sprite E
Puddle Sprite E

“Puddle Sprite E” February 2019 Digital 16″x20″ Procreate/Manga Studio 5

This is the second digital media creature for my Grotesque Moi! project. Its also a very special creation for me!

E is a member of the Puddle Sprite Folk. They are part of the Fae realm and live around small ponds and creeks. Her alignment is Ljósálfar but she is quite mischievous. As far as puddles are concerned, E cannot resist them. She loves to play around in any puddle of water. E is drawn to them and compelled to splash in the water. Her most favorite part is to jump in with both feet and splash water everywhere. If you find your things soaked with water and a puddle is nearby, E was probably the culprit.

The Ljósálfar is the Light Fae of their realm. They are the side that brings life, rejuvination and spring. The Ljósálfar stay busy from the beginning of Spring through the end of Summer. They bring flowers and all of the plants back to life after the long Winter. The fauna also benefit from their handy work. The first task is always the most important one, melting the ice and snow from winter. E’s responsibility is to ensure that the plant life gets their necessary portion of water each day.

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