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Grotesque Moi!: Uila


“Uila” March 2019 Digital 16″x20″ Procreate/Manga Studio 5

This is the third digital media creature for my Grotesque Moi! project. Let me introduce to you Uila! She is a creature of the night, a Grotesque, that can create and conduct electricity in the form of lightning bolts. She prefers tall structures to the lower ground levels because she says it’s more peaceful. Uila is a bit of a loner and prefers to nest in theses lofty areas during the day time in her stone form. She lived high in the Tuac Mountain Range of Ba’anta with her Grotesque kin. Uila loves taking flight into the night sky just as the air begins to cool with her hatchling clutch.

All of the Grotesques have natural magical abilities. Each manifests differently. Among them are Lightening (like Uila), flames in various forms, mists including vapors, telekinesis, telepathy and others. Their ability awakens in early adulthood for most Grotesques. Adulthood comes when the young Grotesques reach 200 years old. This gives them a chance to develop mentally and physically before tackling the extra responsibility of their keji. The Grotesque’s word for magical abilities is keji which means spirit (ke) and force (ji).

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