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Grotesque Moi #4

Grotesque_Moi! White

Hi all! I’m stopping by to give you an update on our project. The first illustration is coming along nicely. Hopefully by this time next week i will have the finished piece along with the permission to show it and sell prints!

The two images below are a small sample of the atmosphere of this first piece.

I hope you guys are intrigued by these little views of the the first Grotesque Moi! image!

Grotesque Moi! is an illustration project that involves you the fan and collector in the finished image. Your are in control of the the creature and how much of your image is represented in the final piece. If you aren’t sure what you want but definitely want to be a part of this fantastic project, I can help you come up with the details. This is a by commission project. For more details please check in Grotesque Moi! #2 and in my Store Front. Also, Before purchasing a tier, please contact me by email to go over the contract. Once it is complete you will be able to purchase the tier and begin the illustration process.

4 thoughts on “Grotesque Moi #4

  1. I really like the details of your painting & think they would make nice prints or paintings by themselves to sell in Florida

    1. Thank You, @clairewiley500, I’m glad you like mt work! If you don’t mind me asking, why did you specify “to sell in Florida”?

    2. Thank You Claire! If you don’t mind me asking, why did you specify “to sell in Florida “?

    3. Hi Claire! I think my response didn’t go through before. First off, thank you for your response on my post of my work. I am offering as part of the commission a one time digital canvas print to the commissioner of the piece. Once everything is approved, I make the prints available in my shop here on this site. I do have a question for you. Why do you feel they would sell specifically in Florida?

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