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Illo Journal Project Update #4

For Update #4, here is a view inside the tavern. Most import and export negotiations are made at night here between the ship captains or representatives and the port officials.

20160911_121953 a.jpg


This is one of two warehouses for storing goods for the larger importers and exporters. The smaller ones generally transport theirs the day they arrive.

20160911_122000 a.jpg


This is through the main gate. on the left is the stables. This is mainly for draught animals that carry products to or from the port to inland markets.

20160911_122016 a.jpg

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Illo Journal Project Update #3

In this update I am adding more details of the first city.

The first building that you come to from the dock is the inn and tavern. In the evenings the imports and exports are negotiated in the tavern by the merchants and captains who generally stay at the inn.

20160704_170016 a.jpg


This is the front desk of the inn. Room rate negotiations and specific needs are handled here.

20160704_170038 a.jpg


Across from the front desk is the kitchen for the inn and tavern. Many exotic dishes are prepared here from the various food products traded here.

20160704_170043 a.jpg



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Illo Journal Project Update #2

For the second update, I am detailing the first city.

On the west coast of the main continent to the north is a sea port city with a fortress and light tower.It is a major place of trade. Harvested goods, livestock, crafted goods and mined materials are shipped out from the port. Items coming into the port include fine fabrics, spices, exotic produce and harvested goods from other cities in this world.

20160627_204542 a.jpg

The port sees many different types of ships bring in or taking out cargo to trade. Large cargo vessels, medium transport vessels and smaller fishing vessels. The fortress also keeps ships to help enforce security at the docks.

20160627_205434_001 a.jpg

Inbound trade is handled on the west side of the port and outbound trade on the east side. The duty offices are on either side of the dock to handle initial processing or inbounds and final processing for outbounds.

20160704_170009 a.jpg

Due to the nature of the culture of this city, there is a strong bureaucratic process. Most of the processing is moved along by negotiating accelerated processing fees after hours at the inn and tavern.

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Illo Journal Project Update #1

As promised, here is the first update on this illo journal project.

I was concerned when I got this journal that it was too thick and I would have trouble coming up with enough ideas to fill it up. I believe, based on the first few sketches, that this project may not be contained into one book. Either way, here is the project.

First of all I put my mark and the year inside the flap, for reference. 20160627_211334 a.jpg

Then I got to work on the project.

I decided to start work on basically world building. There’s a story that has been on my mind for a couple of years. I realized that I would have to come up with a completely original title and that this will be a series, if it ever turns into text. Since I prefer to express myself visually, I decided to tell this the same way. I’m doing progressive sketches to help understand the regions of this world. This would be the best place to begin the telling.

The first view is of my new world from space : 20160627_203108 a.jpg

There are three moons. A distant spiraling galaxy is visible from the planet’s surface throughout the night sky. This world travels in a clockwise orbit around the systems sun. One full solar orbit takes 300 days. Each day is twenty hours. The day is split up by day time and night time. The world is on a 30° permanent tilt off of a perpendicular rotation. This causes the northern hemisphere to be warmer than the southern hemisphere. There are ice cap covering 1/3 of the southern hemisphere and 1/6 of the northern hemisphere. There is weather but no real seasons.

The main continent topographical map:

20160704_165734 a.jpg

The climate varies from warm below the polar cap to hot closer to the equator in the north. It’s more cool below the equator  to cold toward the cap in the Southern hemisphere. The weather travels from east to west as does the planet’s rotation.

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Illo Journal Project

Hi everyone!
I thought that I would give a brief update.

I’ve finally decided, after all of these years, to use a journal for some of my drawings. I found a thick antique style yesterday at MomoCon.


The image is not inverted. Since I’m left handed, I will be using this journal upside-down.

I believe I will use this to illustrate a Sci-fi / Fantasy story I’ve been developing for a couple of years. I’ll share some sketches as I go. I think it might be cool to develop it as a graphic novel.

As for the email. I’m still having issues getting things straightened out. Hopefully this week will see some positive results. I will update when have more information.

Thanks for your support and interest!