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Illo Journal Project Update #6

OK, it’s time to properly introduce things. I’ll be re-posting the previous images with things named this time. I had trouble renaming things. My original plan turns out having minor unintentional relation to other well known stories. So to keep things more original, I’ve struggled through the re-naming process. So here goes:

In the upper right corner is the planet Terrene with its three satellites Nera (bottom left), Choe (center) and Jolu (upper left center). Terrene orbits Empre, its sun. The Empreal system travels in the outer fringe if the Halcyon Voluted galaxy.

Ba’anta is the major continent of Terrene. To the north, Ba’anta is bordered by Brumal, the northern ice cap. Across the T’al Ocean to the east is Ignitrius Island. Southward is the Irasuvian Peninsula across the Ycu Sea. It is bordered to the south by the Algid polar cap. Off the southwest coast are the Cei Mar Di Islands. Far across the Odi Ocean is a smaller unexplored continent that has not been named.

20160627_203108 a.jpg

….. More to follow…..

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Illo Journal Project Update #5

First of all I want to apologize for the delay in this update. My paying job has changed and really consumes so much of my time. I hope to be able to keep more frequent updates coming. Thanks for your support and for following my work!

In update #5 we can see a view of the garrison and lighthouse. The guardhouse and local military post are here.

20160911_122026 a.jpg


The lighthouse has a large a flame altar that is kept light at night to help guide ships into and out of the port.

20160911_122302 a.jpg


Here is a view of one of two guard barracks inside the garrison.

20160911_135116 a.jpg

In the next update I plan to have (re)names worked out for everything created currently.

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Illo Journal Project Update #1

As promised, here is the first update on this illo journal project.

I was concerned when I got this journal that it was too thick and I would have trouble coming up with enough ideas to fill it up. I believe, based on the first few sketches, that this project may not be contained into one book. Either way, here is the project.

First of all I put my mark and the year inside the flap, for reference. 20160627_211334 a.jpg

Then I got to work on the project.

I decided to start work on basically world building. There’s a story that has been on my mind for a couple of years. I realized that I would have to come up with a completely original title and that this will be a series, if it ever turns into text. Since I prefer to express myself visually, I decided to tell this the same way. I’m doing progressive sketches to help understand the regions of this world. This would be the best place to begin the telling.

The first view is of my new world from space : 20160627_203108 a.jpg

There are three moons. A distant spiraling galaxy is visible from the planet’s surface throughout the night sky. This world travels in a clockwise orbit around the systems sun. One full solar orbit takes 300 days. Each day is twenty hours. The day is split up by day time and night time. The world is on a 30° permanent tilt off of a perpendicular rotation. This causes the northern hemisphere to be warmer than the southern hemisphere. There are ice cap covering 1/3 of the southern hemisphere and 1/6 of the northern hemisphere. There is weather but no real seasons.

The main continent topographical map:

20160704_165734 a.jpg

The climate varies from warm below the polar cap to hot closer to the equator in the north. It’s more cool below the equator  to cold toward the cap in the southen hemisphere. The weather travels from east to west as does the planet’s rotation.